Introduction to HP Broadcast Monitoring

HP Broadcast Monitoring provides fully-automated, real-time media monitoring. Using a combination of advanced search and automated alerting, HP Broadcast Monitoring enables you to monitor a range of news sources in over 20 languages.

Monitor News Sources

HP Broadcast Monitoring can analyze video, audio, and text from many sources, including:

Advanced Video and Audio Processing

HP Broadcast Monitoring uses the advanced video and audio processing capabilities of Autonomy VideoLogger, including:

HP Broadcast Monitoring uses Language Weaver, a third-party component, for machine translation. For a list of the languages that are supported by Language Weaver, refer to the Language Weaver documentation.

The metadata that is generated by VideoLogger is first ingested into HP Broadcast Monitoring, which indexes content into an Autonomy IDOL Server. IDOL Server provides the capability to quickly and precisely search the broadcast content.

Web Interface

The HP Broadcast Monitoring user interface is provided through a Web browser and includes:

Language Support

HP Broadcast Monitoring supports a wide range of languages for broadcast news speech processing. HP Broadcast Monitoring can use IDOL Speech Server to generate a transcript of the speech in an audio stream; the transcript can then be machine-translated into multiple other languages. IDOL Speech Server supports the following languages (for a complete list, refer to the IDOL Speech Server documentation):

  • Arabic
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Catalan
  • Persian (Iranian Farsi, Afghanistan Dari)
  • Danish
  • Polish

  • Dutch
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)

  • English (UK, US, Canada, Australia)
  • Romanian

  • Flemish
  • Russian

  • French (France, Canada)
  • Slovak

  • German
  • Spanish (Spain, North American, Latin American)

  • Greek
  • Swedish

  • Italian
  • Urdu
  • Japanese
  • Welsh
  • Korean

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